Welcome to the Peoria Chiefs Blog

I know, I know, it’s about time the Peoria Chiefs entered the blogosphere. Well, here we are! Twenty-six days before the start of the season and just in time for the launch of the new PeoriaChiefs.com which should happen sometime this week after MILB and BAM change it all over. I hope you enjoy the new look!

As for the blog, I plan on using it for a behind the scenes look at the Chiefs from the players to the front office and the travel throughout the Midwest League. We will have audio, video, images and stories. You’ll find out what movies we are watching on those long bus rides, what restaurants to enjoy in MWL cities, what is going on at the ballpark, scoops on the lineups before we go on-air and of course highlights and interviews. Its also a great way to link to other stories around the league from other great blogs put out by Wisconsin, Clinton, South Bend, Fort Wayne and Burlington among others. I’ll get those links up soon. And as always your suggestions and feedback are very much appreciated. Check back often for new content, and welcome to Playing In Peoria – the Official Peoria Chiefs Blog!

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Nate – *love* this. Am looking forward to watching this space – I’ve already got the feed front and center on my iGoogle page. A few things I think would be neat at the beginning of the season:
1) behind the scenes photos, etc from the “media day” where the guys get their pictures taken and the scoreboard video shots done
2) who’s got what intro music (and why, if there is a why!)
3) updates on past Chiefs…love hearing these on the radio, but don’t hear them after every broadcast, so this would be a great place to re-use that content.
We’re in AZ this week, so will try and get you some ST photos from Fitch to use too🙂

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