Saturday Lineup and Game Notes

Back in QC. Not as wet today but the forecast is awful for tonight. In fact now that its the Chiefs turn to get out on the field for stretch and throw they are putting the tarp on the field (and really struggling to get it on). Funny how they left it off for the Bandits early work…Watched Bad Boys II on the way over. Always a good flick. Any Given Sunday was the movie on the bus ride home last night.

Here is today’s lineup with our first 2010 look at DJ Fitzgerald.

Lee SS
Valdez RF
Cerda 3B
Rohan LF
Bour 1B
Fitzgerald DH
Mercedes C
Matheus 2B
Guzman RF
SP – Nick Struck RHP

Chiefs face RHP Eric Fornataro who we beat 15-0 and 2-1 last August. The 15-0 game was here in Davenport and is the largest shutout in Chiefs history.

Here are Saturday’s Game Notes as I finally downloaded a new PDF writer that actually works!

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