Friday Lineup & Game Notes

Wow that was an adventure. 5 hr 6 min game (my longest), about 45 minutes to pack the bus. 20 minutes looking for any fast food place that was still open (and not drive thru only!) before we gave up and hit a truck stop gas station. They only had one guy working so it took the 30 of us a while to get chips, sandwiches, candy, soda, etc. Then a five hour bus ride home, which was much better cause of the win. Got back to the stadium at 6:10 but then we had to unload the bus cause that bus couldn’t travel again today with all the mileage on it yesterday. I walked into the apartment at 6:30 and the players were probably about 20 minutes later.

No BP here today we left at 3 for the Quad Cities.Warming up in field right now.

here is the lineup against the 4th place Bandits (1.5 games behind 2nd place Chiefs).
Lee ss
Watkins cf
Cerda 2b
Rohan 3b
Bour 1b
Perez dh
Mercedes C (not pitch!)
Jones lf
Guzman rf
Searle SP followed by Jung

And Game Notes:

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