Monday Lineup & Game Notes

Time for our first road game of the season. We watched Jackass 3-D (except not in 3d) on the bus ride over. I elected instead to keep reading my novel from the Peoria Public Library – Damages by John Lescroart and listen to the iPod though the few scenes I did see were pretty laugh out loud funny.

This starts a 10 game trip but seven of the game are commuters to Burlington or Quad Cities with three games at Appleton, Wisconsin in between. Commuters make for long days and the bus rides back can be tough if the losses mount up, or are heartbreaking. Especially so now with the Bees being affiliated with Oakland who is known for looooooong games with the “Moneyball” philosophy of taking pitches, stepping out of the box time and time again and taking a long time on the mound between pitches as well. Hopefully one of these four games stays under three hours.

This is Burlington’s home opener so it may be a bit of a late start with all the pomp and circumstance. They are 3-1 after winning a series at Clinton.

Here are today’s game notes with Graham Hicks on the hill: April11GameNotes

Bees Lefty Jacob Brown is on the hill so Richard Jones gets a day off as does switch hitter Arismendy Alcantara who hits better against righties for his career.

Szczur CF
Silva DH
Rohan 1B
Borges RF
Gibbs C
Fitzgerald LF
Giansanti 3B
Soto SS
LePage 2B
Hicks LHP

Pre-game show starts at 6:10 pm and i hope to have an interview with Richard Jones who homered and had two hits in yesterday’s 9-6 win. You can listen live at while I will also update our Twitter Feed and Facebook Fan Page with in game updates.

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