Tuesday Notes & Lineup

Nice and easy bus ride back over to Burlington as we finished off the movie The Fighter which we started last night…and then started Faster with The Rock. The Fighter was outstanding. I hadn’t seen it and now I know exactly why Christian Bale won an Oscar and it was very well deserved. If Wahlberg does indeed go ahead with his sequel about the Ward-Gatti trilogy I’m in, thats for sure.

As for the baseball, a tough one last night with seven walks issued an no stirkeouts recorded by Chiefs pitchers. Last time that happened was 4/13/06. Wow. We did turn four double plays which helped keep the score 4-2. The offense started hot with three hits in a row to start the game but just two hits after that and Burlington retired the final 13 batters in the game.

Richard Jones (ankle) is out again today and Pierre LePage gets his first day off as well. Here is Casey’s lineup:

Szczur 9
Silva 8
Rohan 3
Borges 7
Fitzgerald DH
Gibbs 2
Giansanti 5
Soto 3
Alcantara 6
Simpson 1 followed by Jokisch

Hayden Simpson makes his 2nd start after a very good pro debut on Thursday in which he struck out 7 in 3 2/3 innings and allowed just one run on a solo homer with three hits allowed and one walk. He will again be followed by Virginia, IL native Eric Jokisch who allowed one run on three hits over four inning on Opening Night.

Here are Tuesday’s Game Notes: April12GameNotes

Broadcast starts at 6:10 at www.peoriachiefs.com/listenlive and I will again have live updates during the game on Twitter and Facebook. I hope to have an interview with Elliot Soto on the pre-game show as well.

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