Wednesday Lineup & Notes

Richard Jones will miss his third straight game after being hit by a pitch in the right ankle on Sunday. Sergio Burruel back in the lineup behind the plate today and Matt Szczur gets a day off as Rubi Silva plays center. Pierre LePage who had a day off yesterday will leadoff and DJ Fitzgerald moves back to left with Elliot Soto Dhing.

Great win for the Chiefs last night, nice to get the bats going again and to come from behind on the road. Has to give this team a bunch of confidence that they are never out of a game.  The early plan is to get a interview with last night’s winning pitcher Eric Jokisch for tonight’s pregame show. We’ll see how batting practice goes.

We finished The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks on the commute over (we started it last night) and then started the underrated ’21’ with Kevin Spacey and the MIT crew that broke Las Vegas. We are about a half hour into it and will finish it on the way home tonight. On a reading note I finished the Damages novel I was reading and started a bio on Roy Campanella that just came out, called Campy by Neil Lanctot. I only got about 20 pages into it when 21 started.

Today’s lineup:

LePage 4
Silva 8
Rohan 3
Borges 9
Fitzgerald 7
Giansanti 5
Burruel 2
Soto DH
Alcantara 6
Kirk 1

Today’s game notes: April13GameNotes

And as always listen live at 6:10 pm. Follow along on Twitter and Facebook.

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