Thursday Notes and Lineup

Dallas Beeler and Robinson Lopez filp flop in the Piggyback tandem so Beeler gets the start this evening. After tonight’s commuter we drive BACK to Peoria and then head up north to Appleton, Wisconsin at 7 am tomorrow for about a 5 hour bus ride.

The Wisconsin rotation is set and we will have:

Friday LH Cam Greathouse (0-0, 6.24) vs. Wisconsin LH Del Howell (0-1, 5.79) at 6:35 pm
Saturday LH Graham Hicks (0-1, 2.25) vs. Wisconsin RH Tyler Thornburg (0-0, 3.0) at 1:05 pm
Sunday RH Hayden Simpson (0-0, 4.15) vs. Wisconsin RH Austin Ross (1-0, 2.45) at 1:05 pm

Gonna be cold in Appleton all weekend and a 70% chance of rain/snow on Saturday afternoon. Thornburg is the Brewers #8 prospect a 2010 3rd round pick out of Charleston Southern and Ross is the #30 prospect, an 8th round pick out of Louisiana State where he played with Micah Gibbs. First baseman Cody Hawn is the #20 prospect, a 6th round 2010 pick out of Tennessee and catcher Tyler Robers is the #23 prospect, a 10th round pick in 2009 out of HS in Georgia.

Its the first off day for the red hot Rubi Silva as Richard Jones and Matt Szczur rejoin the Chiefs lineup.

Szczur 8
LePage 4
Rohan 3
Jones DH
Borges 9
Fitzgerald 7
Giansanti 5
Burruel 2
Soto 6
Beeler 1 followed by Lopez

Thursday Game Notes: April14GameNotes

And as always listen live at 6:10 pm. Follow along on Twitter and Facebook.

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Thanks for the streaming replays, I could hear your description of the Rubi Silva ‘Strikeout’. You did a wonderful job describing it, and I hope Rubi didn’t take it personally.

You do a great job keeping Cubs fans abreast of the future of the franchise.

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