Monday GameNotes & Lineup

We are in QC and ready to go. Rain looks like it should stay away for tonight. Tomorrow? Not so much. I got my game notes out of the way early today so I could use the bus time to finish tracking my Dad’s success running his 2nd Boston Marathon with my Sprint Wireless card. He ran it in 2005 as well and did great today, finishing in 4:23 with Mom there at the finish line waiting for him. Very proud of him and since his legs will be sore all night I know they will be listening to our game from the hotel in Boston right across from Fenway Park!

As for the Chiefs, Richard Jones is out a couple of days again as his ankle acted up yesterday with the double header. Hopefully he will be back in the lineup on Thursday when we return home. Rohan back at first today and Elliot Soto gets his first start of the season at third base. On another injury note, Marcus Hatley is unavailable today, and probably for this series. He injured the thumb on his throwing hand when he fell off the mound while delivering a pitch in game one on Sunday. He stayed in the game and earned the win but his thumb us sore today.

Monday lineup vs. Bandits

Szczur CF
Silva RF
Rohan 1B
Borges DH
Gibbs C
Fitzgerald LF
Alcantara SS
Soto 3B
LePage 2B
Simpson RHP followed by LHP Eric Jokisch

Will will not face Rock Falls native Seth Blair in this series. Tonight the Chiefs face LH Kevin Seigrist and tomorrow it is Austin Kirk against RH Zach Russell. The Chiefs also avoid #9 prospect Jordan Swagerty who has yet to give upa run this season but on Wednesday (1 pm start) it will be Robinson Lopez against RH Trevor Rosenthal who struck out 11 batters in the Bandits opening game this season.

Monday Game Notes: April18GameNotes

And as always listen live at 6:40 pm. Follow along on Twitter and Facebook.

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