Saturday DH

Its a beautiful day at the ballpark! The tarp is off the field and we are headed for 66 degrees, sunshine and a doubleheader against Beloit. It will be a very busy day for some at the stadium as the groundscrew and Food & Beverage employees will work a quadruple header since Bradley vs. Evansville was also rained out last night and they will play a double header tonight an hour after our 2nd game ends.

UPDATE: Casey is here now and the lineup stays the same from Friday’s pre-rainout plan

Szczur CF
LePage 2B
Rohan 1B
Gibbs DH
Soto 3B
Fitzgerald LF
Noble C
Giansanti RF
Alcantara SS
Greathouse LHP

Here are the pitching matchups for the three game series in Clinton that kicks off a nine game road trip.

Monday 6:30 pm – RH Hayden Simpson/LH Eric Jokisch vs. RH George Mieses
Tuesday 6:30 pm – LH Austin Kirk vs. RH Brandon Mauer
Wednesday 6:30 pm – RH Dallas Beeler/RH Robinson Lopez vs. RH Seon Gi Kim (good luck on pronunciation!)

Cam Greathouse and Graham Hicks start today and barring a rain out in Clinton (at least a 60% chance of rain all three nights we are in Clinton) they will throw the 1st two games in Beloit Thursday and Friday respectively, both at 6:30 pm.

Have a Happy Easter and I will post the lineup as soon as it is available!

Saturday DH Game Notes: April23GameNotes

And as always listen live at 11:45 am. Follow along on Twitter and Facebook.

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