Cinco de Mayo Game Notes

What a great start to the Homestand last night: A shutout win, a combined 1-hitter by Cam Greathouse/Yohan Gonzalez and the 2nd Triple Play in O’Brien Field history. Oh and the game lasted just 2 hours and 2 minutes.

It was our first 1-hitter since May 1, 2005 when three pitchers kept Kane County without a hit until a 9th inning double in a 1-0 win at home. We have tossed two no-hitters since then, both at home, but no 1-hitters.

As for triple plays, I have now called four as the Chiefs radio broadcaster since 2003. The first one I called was in Lansing on Memorial Day 2003 (May 26) in a game we eventually lost on a walk-off homer 7-6. It was a linedrive off the pitcher’s (Miguel Martinez) glove that went to second base where Mike McCoy recorded two outs before throwing to first for the final out.

On July 25, 2005 the Chiefs turned the first Triple Play in O’Brien Field history against Dayton. Jesse Schmidt made a diving catch in deep right-center and both runners were past second base. Schmidt got it in to the cutoff man Eric Patterson who flipped to Joe Simokaitis at second and then onto first to Drew Larsen.

The last Triple Play was April 19, 2007 in Great Lakes we finished the game with a triple play.r.ground ball to third in game 2 of a double header. Josh Lansford stepped on third, threw to Matt Camp at second and then onto DJ Lewis at first.

May 5 Lineup
LePage 2b
Soto dh
Silva cf
Jones 1b
Gibbs c
Borges rf
Alcantara ss
Fitzgerald lf
Giansanti 3b
Simpson rhp followed by Jokisch lhp

Wednesday Game Notes: May5GameNotes

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