Busy start to the weekend

Its kinda weird to be on the road again after a 9-game homestand and really 13 days in our own beds cause of the commuters to Burlington. Still in the state of Illinois though and it always seems to rain in Kane County. But I walked over to Portillo’s (look it up, its freaking awesome) for some Beef/Sausage Combo and there is NO better way to start the weekend. Everyone at the hotel, in Portillos and in the Walgreen’s i popped into is talking about 2 things. How did the weather go from 88 yesterday to 60s and tornado warnings today. And can the Bulls beat the Heat in Game 1 at the United Center on Sunday. My answers: Its Illinois. And of course.

So we started the day by activating Graham Hicks from the DL and he will start tonight. Hicks, much like Dallas Beeler last night, will throw 40ish pitches and then be followed by Su-Min Jung. To make room on the roster, Matt Szczur was placed on the temporarily inactive list as he flew out this morning to Philadelphia to attend Villanova University’s Graduation ceremonies this weekend. He will miss the series leaving us with 14 pitchers and 11 position players for these three games. With one of the two backups a catcher, it virtually guarantees that Casey Kopitzke will keep the pinch running and pinch hitting to a minimum and hope for no injuries or sickness.

We were about an hour out of Peoria when my boss and our team President Rocky Vonachen (who is on the road to Kentucky for his middle daughter Abby’s college graduation) called to tell me that Randy Wells will make a rehab start for us on Tuesday night against Quad Cities! The game starts at 6:30 and more information is Here. Although Randy has not pitched for us, he did pitch at O’Brien Field with Lansing in 2004 and has been on the last couple of Cubs Caravan’s in January. He has always been great to talk to and has a lot of fun interacting with our staff and the fans at those events.

Its always fun to have the MLB guys around on rehab starts even though they are there to get better and head back to Chicago quickly but its nice for the fans and for our players to be around them and see how they do their job and for the fans to watch them up close for MiLB prices and in our atmosphere. Its also fun for the staff and raises the entire atmosphere in the ballpark.

May 13 Lineup
LePage 4
Silva 8
Rohan 3
Jones DH
Gibbs 2
Soto 6
Alcantara 5
Borges 9
Fitzgerald 7
Hicks LHP followed by Jung RHP

Here are today’s game notes: May13GameNotes which include the pitching matchups for the series.

And as always listen live at 6:40 pm. Follow along on Twitter and Facebook

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