Randy Wells vs. Brian Tallet

What a beautiful day for baseball as it is 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Its Cubs – Cardinals rivalry Midwest League style and both teams are starting a MLB pitcher. We knew about Randy Wells from Friday but word came in this morning that Cardinals reliever Brian Tallet would start and throw 30 pitches for the River Bandits. Pretty cool setup with MLB guys on both side of the diamond, which has never happened before on the mound in Chiefs history

May 17 Lineup
LePage 4
Soto 6
Cuneo 3
Jones DH
Gibbs 2
Borges 9
Alcantara 5
Giansanti 7
Na 8
Wells RHP followed by Kirk LHP

Ryan Cuneo and Kyung-Min Na are new as Rubi Silva went up to Daytona (he homered today) and Jeff Antigua went down. Matt Szczur is back, and took BP,  but not in the lineup as DJ Fitzgerald went on the DL (hamstring). Greg Rohan was originally in the lineup but he was hit and injured in batting practice causing a shuffle to the lineup

Today’s Game Notes: May17GameNotes

And as always listen live at 6:15 pm. Follow along on Twitter and Facebook

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