Opening Day Lineups and Game Notes

Well day one has certainly been interesting! Our outstanding bus company tried to give us one of their newest buses. However the 3 trunks we have full of training equipment, first aid, extra jerseys, etc. wouldn’t fit in the compartments under the bus. So we had to unload everything else and wait for a new bus. But since Peoria Charter is awesome they got us a 2nd bus within 15 minutes and we re-packed and got on the road.

Then when we got to the hotel, only 5 of the 20 rooms were ready. Oops. Most the guys used the time to go get lunch while I walked around Wal Mart.

Now we are at the ballpark and once I get a phone line to work, I’ll be perfectly set. Until then, here is our Opening night lineup for Casey Kopitzke’s 3rd season opener as Chiefs manager

Zeke Devoss 2b
Marco Hernandez SS

Rafael Lopez C
Paul Hoilman 1B
Reggie Golden RF
Taiwan Easterling LF
Wes Darvill 3B
Brad Zapenas DH
Pin-Chieh Chen CF
Michael Jensen RHP

And as usual here are the April5GameNotes, enjoy.

Broadcast starts at 6:10 central time, gametime is 6:30 on

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