Saturday Lineup & Game Notes

Its our first day game and a chance to win the first series of the season after a 6-1 loss last night. Let’s see how the Chiefs bounce back. We head home after today’s game since Sunday is an off day for Easter. It’s about a 2.5 hour ride and Jimmy John’s has already been ordered for the post-game/pre-ride meal. Hopefully a good movie too.

As for today’s game, Taylor Davis gets his first start behind the plate as Rafael Lopez & Taiwan Easterling get the afternoon off. Here is Casey’s Lineup:

Zeke DeVoss 2B
Wes Darvill DH

Marco Hernandez SS
Paul Hoilman 1B
Reggie Golden RF
Eduardo Gonzalez LF
Brad Zapenas 3B
Taylor Davis C
Pin-Chieh Chen CF
Jose Rosario RHP

DeVoss has hit safely in both games so far and we are still waiting for that first home run. Here are April7GameNotesand the pre-game show starts at 1:40 at



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