Video from Winter Warm Up

I was fortunate to attend the Cardinals Winter Warm Up last weekend with my father and I had a media pass around my neck. I had never been to the Warm Up as a member of the media and didn’t know what to expect. Over the next few days I”ll post some images and videos as every member of the team met with the St. Louis media in a press conference format. (We were only there on Saturday with the Cardinals Caravan Peoria stop the next two days). I missed Matt Holliday and Chris Carpenter in the PC as we were walking around the exhibits. But there are a bunch of others I was in on. It was a pleasure to watch professionals work. Throughout the day I observed the likes of Derrick Goold & Bryan Burwell (Post-Dispatch), Jenifer Langosch (, BJ Rains (, Brian Stull (ESPN 101), Jim Hayes (Fox Sports MW), Brian Walton (Cardinals Scout), the bloggers at and plus many others who I did not personally get a chance to meet.

That being said, here are the first few videos:

Adron Chambers

Michael Wacha

Randy Choate

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