The Interns

Monday’s are anything but you’re typical 9-5 job here at Dozer Park, especially when the Chiefs are away. Ever wonder who creates those graphics you see on the video board during the game, or who organizes all of your in game entertainment?


The workweek doesn’t end for the Peoria Chiefs office staff and interns when the players hit the road. In fact, they’re busy preparing for the next home stand to make sure you get the most of your Chiefs game experience.


You’ve probably seen Promotion interns Evan (@efay9), Elyse (@uhhlysee) and Jon (@jonhorath05) around the ballpark, but they are more than just the faces that grace the field between innings. They’re the brains behind the operations to all of your dizzy bat race, t-shirt toss, and Homer the mascot needs.


Before they take the field on game days, they’re busy making phone calls to local businesses for donations, bagging the tennis balls for our \ “Pitch-in for Charity”, organizing the music that is played during the game, participating in Homer appearances throughout the community, and writing the scripts for our PA announcer to read – just to name a few of their daily tasks.


Ever wonder who mans the cameras and produces the content on the Chiefs Youtube page? The video interns handle these responsibilities, a platoon consisting of Aaron Wells, Andrew Chow and Ryan Bogy. As part of their off-day obligations, the trio spliced and edited clips from the recent Jaime Grace concert at Dozer Park. Without being too technical, they imported the show’s footage into a program called Adobe After Effects, which is a popular software package used to edit video content. The three then cut bits and pieces from the performance, creating a short montage of her entire act. According to Chow, the challenge of editing a musical performance like Grace’s is selecting sound bites that flow well together, but fit in a concise time frame. The group utilizes After Effect’s “cut and paste” tool to isolate the necessary bits, and the “color corrector” application to make each image look as crisp as possible.




When you call the Chiefs and ask about ticket packages, you are often greeted by Sales Intern Paul Adelman. A linchpin in the sales staff, Adelman orchestrates ticket transactions with fans eager to get out to the ballpark. These deals can vary from groups seeking a suite, or individuals looking to check out the Chiefs on their own. Adelman notes the key to landing that big sale is to aggressively follow leads and be professional with the fan base. Apart from sales he embraces a hodgepodge of tasks including mailing birthday tickets to fans and assigning responsibilities to ushers. Adelman always seems eager to help anyone on staff and a smile consistently compliments his work.


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Nathan, it is great you acknowledged those working hard behind the scenes!

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