Going for the Sweep in Cedar Rapids

Another solid win for the Chiefs last night, what a clutch home run by Jacob Wilson on an 0-2 count with two outs and two on in the 7th. The best thing about baseball is that you can never predict what will happen. The Chiefs scored 4 runs over 18 innings in two straight losses at home to West Michigan on Saturday and Sunday. Since then the offense has put up 7, 8 and 8 the last three games, two of those coming against the #1 team in the league in Cedar Rapids.

Check out the rain from last night, this is off my iPhone so the quality isn’t the best but you can get an idea of the rain in the lights as Adam Brett Walker struck out late in the contest.

It is always fun to be in position to get a sweep, especially on the road. Peoria earned a sweep here June 14-16, their first in Cedar Rapids since 2007 and have a chance at another one tonight with Chris Perry on the hill. A win would go a long way for this team proving to itself that it can win against the good teams on the road. So far in 2013 the Chiefs are 25-28 on the road and 7-10 in the second half thanks to this current 4-game win streak.

Kane County and some familiar faces will be in this weekend. Will be nice to say hello to Sheldon McDonald, Andrew McKirahan and Reggie Golden who were not with the Cougars when we last played them in May. It is going to be a fun weekend at Dozer Park with the Joe Girardi Spalding High School bobble head and Fireworks on Saturday along with the Nickelodeon day guests and Sonic Super Kids Sunday. Get your tickets now!

Thanks for reading and talk to you at 6:20 on the broadcast.

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