Chiefs Chat with Cardinals Farm

This week we are going to give you a different perspective on both the past and future Chiefs. In a series of interviews with experts from around baseball from, Cardinals blogs and other prospects sites we hope to bring you a comprehensive look at the Chiefs through the eyes of others.

Today we start part 1 of 3 interviews/chats with St. Louis Cardinals bloggers. Later in the week we will chat with Viva El Birdos and STLCup of Joe. Today the chat is with John from Cardinals Farm who you can find on twitter at @CardinalsFarm. Check out their current prospects rankings and make sure you follow Cardinals Farm during the season.

Here is our 25 minute Chat from today about the Cardinals prospects, the 2013 Chiefs roster and a look at many many players who could play in Peoria in 2014 and beyond.

If you missed it, you can catch up on Tuesday’s interview with Jim Callis of Coming up Thursday we will have Eric from Viva El Birdos, Friday will be Joe from STLCupOfJoe and then we will have a special surprise guest for the weekend! Thanks for reading, following and listening.

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