Chiefs Chat with Future Redbirds

Our weeklong series of “podcasts” and chats about Cardinals prospects, former Chiefs and future Chiefs continues today with Eric Johnson, Managing Editor of Future Redbirds and a contributing writer to Viva El Birdos. Find and follow Eric on twitter for all the latest from Future Redbirds including this piece on Charlie Tilson and another on Zach Petrick.

Here is the near half hour chat between myself and Eric from Wednesday afternoon touching on a variety of topics as they pertain to the 2013 and 2014 (and beyond) Peoria Chiefs. Enjoy!

My thanks to Eric for his time, check out all the great work they do at Future Redbirds and Viva El Birdos, Cardinals fans are blessed to have such a great blogging community covering the MLB and MiLB teams!

Tomorrow we will have a blog post chatting with Joe from STLCupOfJoe & Viva El Birdos and over the weekend be on the lookout for another national prospect expert. If you missed our first two segments you can listen to my chats with Jim Callis and Cardinals Farm.

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