Monday Game Notes & Weekend Highlights

Nate%27s Stat Line (4)We made it to Eastlake, Ohio. Unfortunately it looks like the rain followed us here. We were rained out yesterdayagainst Bowling Green at home which got us on the road a couple hours earlier than planned. It rained most of the trip including a downpour in South Bend as we stopped for dinner. Fortunately by the time we arrived at the hotel in Willoughby, Ohio (about 20 miles NE of downtown Cleveland on Lake Erie) it had stopped raining as we unpacked. On the bus we watched Bull Durham and Blazing Saddles, both picked by pitching coach Jason Simontacchi. We also got a tour and history of Toledo, OH over the PA system as we drove through. Toledo native and Chiefs manager Joe Kruzel provided tidbits such as “Toledo is known as the Glass City” “Jamie Farr from MASH was from Toledo but you’re all too young for that” and Toledo “IS NOT Little Detroit, Ohio beat Michigan.” It was pretty funny and informative!

Today it is raining again and let’s hope we get the game in after being rained out yesterday. Plus Tuesday is calling for temperatures in the high 20s and 2-3 inches of snow. This is APRIL right? Here is my current view from the Classic Park press box:

photo (1)

Assuming we do get to play tonight, it is another look at Alex Reyes for the Chiefs. And here are tonight’s Game Notes

If you missed the highlights over the weekend, here are the five home run calls from the Chiefs Radio Network,

1. Ronald Castillo puts the Chiefs on top 3-2 Friday night 

2. Carson Kelly and Castillo go back-to-back Saturday and as you can hear, it was predicted on the air.

3. Castillo slam on Saturday

4. Katz HR to follow Castillo’s slam

And here are the Saturday HR’s on video…watch the Castillo HR at 1:20. I’ve never seen a ball hit that building in CF in my 11 years with the Chiefs

Thanks for reading, I’ll post a lineup on Twitter soon and hopefully we’ll have the broadcast at 5:10 Central Time on the Apps and Listen live links.

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