Chiefs Game Notes and Lineup

Well we made it to Beloit to start a 4-game series and 7-game roadtrip. The Chiefs, who are 8-3 at home, will play 14 of the next 17 games on the road with another trip to Clinton and Cedar Rapids Iowa May 8-14. The bad news for today is that the tarp is currently on the field: photo (5)

Assuming we do play here are the Game Notes and the Lineup:

McElroy CF
Herrera SS

Kelly C
Castillo DH
Peoples-Walls LF
Bosco RF
Valera 2B
Stone 1B
Schulze 3B
Alex Reyes RHP

The rest of the rotation for this series will be: Nick Petree, Arturo Reyes and Jimmy Reed against Beloit.

A win tonight gives the Chiefs 14 in April, tying the 2014 team with the 2010 team for the third most since 2000. The 2002 MWL Champions went 18-6 in April and the 2003 squad went 16-9 after starting 7-0 and 10-1. All-time the 1989 team also went 18-6 in April while the 1997 team went 15-8. With three games left in April the Chiefs have the chance for the 3rd best opening month in team history by winning three to get to 16-8.

The Chiefs did make their first roster move of the season today as RHP Jhonny Polanco was added with RHP Joe Scanio landing on the DL. Assuming we don’t get rained out, look for a post-game blog post and as always follow on twitter @PeoChiefsGame listen live on the Tune-In App, the Boomaphone MiLB Inside the Park App or on the Chiefs Website.

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