A (non) Typical Day

Well yesterday had a little bit of everything, but most importantly two Chiefs wins to start this series and roadtrip. Alex Reyes got the win in game one as the Chiefs won 11-6. The nightcap was delayed by rain but the Chiefs won in extras 6-3. Here are today’s Game Notes as the Chiefs go for three straight wins in Beloit. As you’ll see in the game notes, Jimmy Reed starts here tomorrow and Silfredo Garcia in game one at Cedar Rapids Friday. After that the rotation is up in the air due to the rainouts.

Today is the final game of April and the Chiefs at 15-8 have a chance for the 3rd best April in team history with a win. Also Ronald Castillo has 18 RBI with one game left. Here is how he stacks up among Chiefs RBI leaders in April since 2000:

26 – Travis Hanson 2003
21 – Greg Rohan – 2011
20 – Rebel Ridling – 2009
19 – Gabe Johnson – 2002
18 – Jacob Wilson – 2013  & Ronald Castillo 2014
17 – Mason Katz – 2014
16 – Ryan Harvey – 2005
16 – Greg Rohan – 2010

People ask me often what I enjoy most about my job. #1 is obviously the Play by Play and the games themselves. Being on the air and broadcasting is my passion and what I enjoy the most. But #2 is that no two days are the same. This isn’t a typical 9-5 job or a desk job and I like that you never know what will happen. Here’s a run down of yesterday to show just now non-typical it is:

9:00 am – An early text from the office got me moving to answer emails and work on a few items for the MWL Prospects Card set. I also finished gamed notes and worked on a blog entry over coffee.
11:30 am – After posting the blog it was off to walk across the parking lot to Wendy’s for lunch and enough time to check my fantasy baseball teams
12:30 pm – Bus to the stadium, unpacking in the press box and talking with a couple people back in the office. Then down to get the Chiefs lineup, go over stats and talk with Manager Joe Kruzel.
2:00 pm – With the rain coming down BP was cancelled so I watched some of the BP in the cages and then sat in the clubhouse talking with some players and staff.
2:30 pm – Back to the press box to get ready for the game writing in lineups and stats and talking with the Beloit guys.
4:00 pm – First pitch for game one.
6:30 pm – Chiefs win game one 11-6. Pretty clear we won’t start game two on time but given a 7pm start time so a quick run to the concession stand for dinner and get quotes from Joe Kruzel on game 1.
7:00 pm – Still no word on a start time but tarp is on the field so I finish the game 1 recap, email it to Peoria media, post on the website and social media while also making a graphic for Player of the Game. Post game 2 lineup and enter stats/lineup into scorebook while eating.
8:06 pm – Game two finally starts. Chiefs in 6-3 in extra innings.
10:45 pm – Write game 2 recap and make Player of the Game graphic. Pack up. Head to clubhouse for quote from Joe.
11:15 pm – Finish game article on bus, post to website and email to Peoria media while posting to social media.
11:30 pm – Bus back to hotel. Attempt stop at Applebee’s but restaurant is closed. So is Wendy’s so we go back to hotel
11:45 pm – Full on search for food leads to Taco Bell inside the Pilot truck stop as the only thing open.
Midnight – Eat. Walk back to hotel. Make sure everything posted to website and social media. RT some links from Peoria media
12:45 am – Read a couple chapters in my spy novel and go to bed around 1:15.

In case you missed it this morning, here’s a blog update by Chris on former Chiefs in MiLB. Tarp is on the field today so the bus to the park was pushed back to 4pm. I’ll have a lineup on twitter after we get there. Broadcast pre-game starts at 6:10 with the first pitch scheduled for 6:30.

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