Chiefs Add Kaminsky; 1st Rd History; Sunday Game Notes

The Chiefs added Cardinals 2013 first rounder Rob Kaminsky to the roster Sunday and he will get the start in Cedar Rapids today at 2:05 p.m. Here are Sunday’s Game Notes including Kaminsky’s pitcher page and May4Lineupfull lineup:

The Chiefs go for the series win today as Kelly, McElroy and Herrera get day’s off. The Chiefs have son three straight series since being swept in Fort Wayne. Win or lose this is already a winning roadtrip for the Chiefs but 5-2 sounds a whole lot better than 4-3.

Kaminsky is the Chiefs first 1st round pick since Javy Baez was at shortstop in 2012. He is the 25th 1st rounder out of the regular June drafts in Chiefs history. The list below also includes the now defunct January draft and June supplemental draft plus the Supplemental First rounders in the current format.

Year Team Player Pick Notes
1982 Angels Bob Kipper 8
1983 Cubs Jackie Davidson 6
1983 Angels Mark Doran 23
1983 Angels Byron Kemmerling 15 June Supp
1985 Cubs Rafael Palmiero 22
1985 Cubs Jeff Small 23 January
1985 Cubs Ron Ewart 4 June Supp
1986 Cubs Shawn Boskie 10 January
1986 Cubs Derrick May 9
1987 Cubs Mike Harkey 4
1988 Cubs Ty Griffin 9
1989 Cubs Earl Cunningham 8
1990 Cubs Lance Dickson 23
1992 Cubs Derek Wallace 11
1993 Cubs Kevin Orie 29
1995 Cards Chris Haas 29
1999 Cards Chance Caple 30
1999 Cards Nick Stocks 36 Supp. Rd Pick
1999 Cards Chris Duncan 46 Supp. Rd Pick
2000 Cubs Lou Montanez 3
2000 Cards Shaun Boyd 13
2001 Cards Justin Pope 28
2003 Cubs Ryan Harvey 6
2003 Cards Daric Barton 18
2004 Cards Chris Lambert 19
2004 Cubs Mark Pawelek 20
2006 Padres Kyler Burke 35 Supp. Rd Pick
2007 Cubs Josh Vitters 3
2007 Cubs Josh Donaldson 48 Supp. Rd Pick
2008 Cubs Ryan Flaherty 41 Supp. Rd Pick
2009 Cubs Brett Jackson 31
2010 Cubs Hayden Simpson 16
2010 Cards Tyrell Jenkins 50 Supp. Rd Pick
2011 Cubs Javier Baez 9
2012 Cards Patrick Wisdom 52 Supp. Rd Pick
2012 Cards Steve Bean 59 Supp. Rd Pick
2013 Cards Rob Kaminsky 28

Kaminsky’s addition gives the Chiefs three 19-year olds and three top 10 Cardinals prospects with Carson Kelly and Alex Reyes. Kaminsky is the youngest of the trio, four days younger than Reyes.

The Chiefs will start Alex Reyes on Monday against Beloit with Arturo Reyes going on Tuesday and Jimmy Reed on Wednesday. Departing Chiefs RHP Nick Petree leaves with a 2-0 record, a 1.29 ERA and 24 strikeouts in 21 innings. He is my guest on the pregame show today at 1:50 at and on the Chiefs, MiLB and Tune-In Radio Apps. Congrats to Nick and welcome to Rob!


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