Thursday Game Notes & More

Nate's Stat Line May 22Good afternoon from Burlington, Iowa where the Chiefs start an important 12-game stretch heading into the final off-day of the first half (June 3). These next 12 days the Chiefs will exclusively play the only two teams in the Western Division we have yet to see: Burlington (Angels) and Kane County (Cubs). Burlington started the season 15-9 but is now just 20-23 after a 1-12 stretch from May 1-14. They have won 4 of 6 coming into this series with last night’s game in Quad Cities being suspended after Modern Woodmen Park lost power.  We will host Burlington next Wednesday – Friday.

Kane County is in first place at 30-16, 3,5 games ahead of the Chiefs. In addition to the three games in Geneva over the Memorial Day weekend, the Chiefs will welcome the Cougars to Dozer Park May 30 – June 2. The Cougars will also return to Peoria June 10-12 so the current 1st and 2nd place teams in the West will go head-to-head 9 times over the next 21 games. Clinton and Kane County have not played yet either, though that changes tonight. In fact Kane Count’s next 15 games are against Peoria and Clinton so the top 3 will go head to head quite a bit over the next three weeks which will either shake things out for the two playoff spots, or allow one of the other teams to get hot and move into the race. Here are the standings at the moment

Kane Co. 30 16 .652
Peoria 26 19 .578 3.5
Clinton 24 20 .545 5
C. Rapids 22 24 .478 8
Q. Cities 21 23 .477 8
Wisconsin 21 24 .467 8.5
Burlington 20 23 .465 8.5
Beloit 20 25 .444 9.5

The top two teams make the playoffs in each half.

Here are Thursday’s  Game Notes. Michael Holback starts for the Chiefs tomorrow here in Burlington and Arturo Reyes gets the ball on Saturday. Today’s lineup is rather unique. It is the first game without Herrera, Kelly and Castillo (DL) and Mason Katz jumps up to the 4 slot while the Chiefs have all 3 switch-hitters in. In fact there are just two right-handed hitters.

photo (10)

Check out this article on Chiefs Clubhouse Manager Patrick Cramer who has 7 Championship rings through the Cardinals organization. Here’s a nice piece on Jason Motte’s return from the DL to St. Louis last night where he threw 1 2/3 scoreless.

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