Saturday Game Notes & Lineup

Nate's Stat Line SaturdayThe Chiefs fell last night 8-3 here in Burlington and have a chance to win the series with Arturo Reyes on the mound tonight. After the game tonight we will head straight to Kane County instead of commuting back to Peoria and leaving tomorrow. It’s a nice bonus to be able to get straight to the next destination and get some sleep before a 6:30 Sunday night series-opener against the Cougars.

Here are today’s Game Notes and lineup


Here are the updated standings after last night’s MWL action. With Clinton and Kane County going head to head tonight it is important for the Chiefs to win this game against an under .500 Bees team so they either add to the Wild Card lead over Clinton or pick up a game on Kane County.

Team W L Pct GB
Kane County 32 16 .667
Peoria 27 20 .574 4.5
Clinton 24 22 .522 7
Quad Cities 23 23 .500 8
Wisconsin 22 25 .468 9.5
Burlington 21 24 .467 9.5
Cedar Rapids 22 26 .458 10
Beloit 21 26 .447 10.5

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