Sunday Game Notes, Lineup & More

Nate's Stat Line Sunday A tough loss for the Chiefs last night in Burlington which you can read about in the Game Recap. While we were losing in Burlington, Clinton was winning here at Kane County to avoid a sweep. The Chiefs came straight up to Geneva last night and got to the hotel at about 2:15 am. It’s strange having a Sunday night game, but nice at the same time with the late travel. Already today Clinton lost to Wisconsin 3-2 and Burlington won game one of a DH against Quad Cities 12-4 so here are the updated standings

Team W L Pct GB
Kane County 32 17 .653
Peoria 27 21 .563 4.5
Clinton 25 23 .521 6.5
Quad Cities 24 24 .500 7.5
Burlington 23 24 .489 8
Wisconsin 23 26 .469 9
Beloit 22 26 .458 9.5
Cedar Rapids 22 27 .449 10

Cedar Rapids is playing Beloit while Quad Cities and Burlington have game two today as well. Those games are not updated in the standings.

Here are today’s Game Notes and our lineup listed next to a photo of the Chiefs taking BP in Kane County.

IMG_3057 IMG_3046The Chiefs will play Kane County six times in the next nine games and nine times in the next 18 games. How the Chiefs do against the first place Cougars will likely determine whether a playoff spot in clinched before June 15.

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