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Tuesday Lineup & Game Notes

Hope you all had a great day off! Here is the Chiefs lineup and game notes. Photos of the new stadium improvements coming either post game or in the morning. It looks awesome!

Lee SS
Watkins 2B
Cerda 3B
Rohan RF
Bour 1B
Mota C
Perez LF
Thomas DH
Guzman CF
Whitenack SP

Game notes:

Tuesday Lineup & Game Notes

Hope everyone had as boring of an off day as I did. Great BlackHawks win! And now back to baseball. Here are Game Notes:

Tonight’s Lineup
Lee SS
Watkins 2B
Cerda 3B
Rohan DH
Bour 1B
Fitzgerald LF
Mota C
Valdez CF
Guzman RF

For info in the Rattlers, Check out Broadcaster Chris Mehring’s always well-done Rattler Radio Blog

Sunday Game Notes

Here are game notes for today. April25GameNotes.pdf 
Chiefs will start Nick Struck in the 1:00 game and Lefty Jeff Antigua in the night cap. I’m still looking up some stats but yesterday was our 11th rainout at the Quad Cities since the 2003 season began (i.e. my first year). Pretty sure no other stadiums are close.

Also when Wisconsin comes to Peoria this week we get a chance to see a couple of the Brewers best pitching prospects. Jake Odorizzi is their 9th best prospect and a native of Highland, Illinois. The right was drafted in the 1st round supplemental in 2008 (32nd pick) and was given over a million dollars out of high school. He will be the 2nd pitcher of the piggyback on Wednesday. Then on Thursday we will face the Brewers 1st round selection (26nd pick) from last June’s draft, Eric Arnett. Arnett, who pitched at Indiana Univeristy, is Milwaukee’s 4th best prospect (behind two guys with MLB experience Alcides Escobar/Mat Gamel and last year’s Wisconsin 2nd baseman Brett Lawrie who is at AA now).

Wisconsin was already rained out today at home against Beloit so they will have two straight off days before Tuesday’s 6:30 game at O’Brien Field.

Saturday Lineup and Game Notes

Thankfully we are done with the Clinton Super 8 til August. Wireless never ever worked for more than 5 minutes at a time and my microwave never worked either making it rather difficult for popcorn last night or to heat up my lunch today. Whatever. Bus ride to Beloit after the game tonight and I plan on diving into Split Image by Robert B. Parker, one of my favorite authors who unfortunately just passed away in the last few months. This novel isn’t a Spenser book but Jesse Stone who has been played on TV by Tom Selleck when they turn these books into CBS shows.

Anyway, here are today’s Game Notes:April10GameNotes.pdf which also include the Beloit rotation. Three righties from the Snappers after a pair of lefties here in Clinton.

And tonight’s lineup.
1. Lee SS
2. Watkins 2B
3. Cerda 3B
4. Jones DH
5. Rosa C
6. Bour 1B
7. Rohan LF
8. Ramirez RF
9. Valdez CF
SP Nagel

With a righty on the mound Valdez will bat lefty giving the Chiefs 7 left-handed bats tonight. Chiefs face RH Tyler Blandford a 5th round pick out of Oklahoma State last June who is making his professional debut. Pregame show at 6:15. Listen Live! Thanks.


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